The benefits of Gas Fired Infra-red heating are numerous and can vary depending on their application. However, below is an outline of the major benefits you are guaranteed to receive compared to conventional heating alternatives.

Dramatically Reduced Fuel Consumption
In comparison to other gas and oil heating systems, reduction in annual fuel consumption of up to 50% is common and very realistic. For some recent real-life scenarios please visit our Case Studies page.
Excellent Payback
Within 1-3 year payback is very common, even compared to other “high-efficiency” gas and oil heating systems.
Superior Comfort Level
Infra-red radiant heating heats objects, resulting in air being warmed by conduction & convection.

Compare Conventional Heating to Infra-red Radiant Heating
With Conventional Heating, hot air briefly passes through the primary heating zone and then quickly rises away from it. With Infra-red Radiant Heating, people and objects in the primary heating zone are targeted and heated directly, so the heat efficiently stays where it is needed most.
Heat Comparison Diagram

Very Minimal Maintenance
Quick Heat Recovery
Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Fired Equipment
Even Heat Distribution
Safe, sealed combustion - No open flame
Quiet, Dust-Free Heating
Warm, Dry Floors
Proven Economy since 1962
Incremental Zoning
Available in optional Stainless Steel construction

The Facts and Figures

How do the above benefits relate specifically to you? The following chart illustrates just a few real-life scenarios of the incredible savings and quick payback that our customers have received. We'd like to stress that these are not estimated or manipulated figures - they are selected from a lengthy list of satisfied customers that we have helped since 1984. These scenarios have been specifically selected not only to show the versatility of Infra-red Heating, but also to highlight the savings received - ranging from a modest $2,093 to an exceptional $62,695 per year.



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Applications Area Ceiling Ht Previous Heating Source Ongoing Savings** Payback
        $ / year % $ / 10year  
Airplane Hangar
26,850 sq.ft.
32 ft.
Nat. gas / make-up air heating $7,417 32% $74,170
Autobody Shop
12,620 sq.ft.
17 ft.
Nat. gas / warm air unit heaters $5,872 48% $58,720
Car Dealership
14,000 sq.ft.
16 ft.
Oil / boiler-steam unit heaters $7,240 47% $72,400
Car Wash
1,800 sq.ft.
14 ft.
Propane gas / warm air unit heaters $3,195 55% $31,950
Fire Station
7,400 sq.ft.
18 ft.
Propane gas / warm air furnace $4,818 37% $48,180
Loading Dock
9,000 sq.ft.
30 ft.
Nat. gas / warm air unit heaters $11,250 63% $112,500
Manuf. Plant
15,600 sq.ft.
13 ft.
Nat. gas / boiler-hot water unit heaters $5,161 44% $51,610
Manuf. Plant
180,000 sq.ft.
27 ft*
Nat. gas / warm air-air rotation $46,196 43% $461,960
Tennis Court
14,400 sq.ft.
33 ft*
Oil / warm air furnaces $7,452 69% $74,520
Unusually High Bldg.
124,910 sq.ft.
105 ft.
Nat. gas / boiler-steam unit heaters $62,695 51% $626,950
Vehicle Repair Shop
24,780 sq.ft.
19 ft.
Nat. gas & waste oil / warm air furnaces $12,008 35% $120,080
31,000 sq.ft.
24 ft.
Propane gas / warm air unit heaters $20,150 59% $201,500
Woodworking Shop
4,800 sq.ft.
14 ft.
Oil / warm air furnaces $2,093 31% $20,930

* Average ceiling height
** Ongoing savings do not include the additional savings received due to greatly reduced maintenance costs compared to the previous heating sources

In the scenarios where oil was the previous heating source, it is important to note that the comparative savings are all conservatively based on the price of oil staying under $2 per gallon. As the price of oil increases over time so do the savings.

In Summary

Of course it's impossible to tabulate all the benefits in an easy to reference chart. However, in our follow up meetings after installation with our customers, one benefit is mentioned again and again - IMPROVED EMPLOYEE COMFORT LEVELS AND SATISFACTION. Our customers, (and their employees) typically make a point of commenting on the greatly improved comfort before they even praise the savings. It seems savings are one issue, but the employees working in the buildings REALLY notice and appreciate the significant improvement in their working conditions. And as we all know, employee comfort is absolutely priceless!

Contact us now to arrange for a preliminary evaluation and your free, no obligation cost analysis, and you'll see why literally thousands of businesses just like yours are reaping the benefits of converting to the Infra-red Heating.


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