One of the main benefits of Gas Fired Infra-red heating is their versatility. Whether you have a 500,000sq.ft. facility or a 1,500sq.ft. workshop, an Infra-red system is your optimum heating solution - providing a comfortable, temperature regulated working environment throughout the year.

Agricultural Facilities Hockey Arenas
Aircraft Hangers Loading Docks
Assembly Plants Lumber Process Lines
Autobody Shops Manufacturing Facilities
Automobile/Truck Agencies Outdoor Spot Heating
Bus Garages Restaurant Patio Heating
Car Washes Shipping Areas
Concrete Plants Tennis Courts
Equestrian Arenas Unusually High Buildings
Fire Stations Vehicle Maintenance Shops
Foundries Warehouses
Greenhouses Woodworking shops

Aircraft Hangars
Aircraft Hangar 1Aircraft Hangar 1Aircraft Hangar 1Aircraft Hangar 1Aircraft Hangar 1

Autobody, Vehicle Maintenance Shops
and Car Washes

Car Washes

Equestrian Arenas

Fire Stations

Granite Fabrication Shops,Loading Docks, Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities, Workshops, Crane Environments and Shipping Areas

Restaurant Patios

Tennis Courts




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